Sunkist Showcases Springtime Citrus Varieties at the 2018 CPMA Convention + Tradeshow

Sunkist Showcases Springtime Citrus Varieties at the 2018 CPMA Convention + Tradeshow

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VANCOUVER, CANADA - Sun’s out, citrus is out—spring is full of both! And this year’s CPMA Convention + Tradeshow is in for a real treat as Sunkist is bringing a taste of California and Arizona sunshine to Vancouver in the form of premium, fresh citrus, grown by its cooperative of family farmers.

Joan Wickham, Director of Communications, Sunkist Growers

“Citrus demand continues to build along with consumer interest in fresh, healthy, and natural lifestyle choices. Sunkist is excited to highlight springtime citrus varieties and promotional opportunities in Vancouver,” said Joan Wickham, Director of Communications. “This time of year lends itself to so many usage occasions for citrus—from refreshing seasonal food and beverage recipes, bright décor, and even spring cleaning.”

Sunkist Cara Cara Oranges

CPMA attendees will be able to sample peak season springtime citrus varieties, including Minneola tangelos, California mandarins, Ojai Pixie tangerines, Gold Nugget variety mandarins, Cara Cara, blood, and Navel oranges, along with refreshing lemon-infused water at Sunkist’s booth. And, to top it off, Chef Jill Davie will offer expert culinary tips on using and pairing citrus varieties in ways that maximize the flavors and attributes of each distinctive type of fruit.

Julie DeWolf, Director of Retail Marketing, Sunkist

“The versatility of citrus makes it a truly special category that can be promoted throughout the store,” said Julie DeWolf, Director of Retail Marketing. “Sunkist offers a multitude of promotional tools to help retailers capitalize on these opportunities—in the produce section and beyond.”

Along with its citrus, Sunkist will also display its retail marketing materials, with the organization’s sales and marketing team available at its booth to discuss opportunities. According to a press release, Sunkist offers highly customizable programs to allow for tailored marketing approaches that accommodate various store formats and shopper demographics.

Sunkist Growers' Mandarins

Offering a full range of cartons, bags, display masters, bins, and reusable plastic containers (RPCs) that have been designed with customers’ needs in mind, Sunkist provides customer-specific creative marketing and promotional support to both the retail and foodservice trades, designed to build consumer excitement, demand, and sales.

Founded in 1893 under the principle that more can be accomplished by working together, the Sunkist cooperative of family farms promotes the culture of family and collaboration with growers and customers. With thousands of grower members in California and Arizona and more than 40 fresh citrus varieties under its brand, the Sunkist cooperative reflects the values and legacy of its 125-year history: family-owned farms where traditional growing practices, stewardship of natural resources, and a dedication to innovation are passed from generation to generation.

To learn more, visit Sunkist at booth 731 or online at For more of what’s stirring up interest at this year’s CPMA, stick with us at AndNowUKnow.


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