Ahold Banner FreshDirect Acquired by Getir

Ahold Banner FreshDirect Acquired by Getir

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NEW YORK - It was early November when we originally relayed the news of Ahold Delhaize USA’s plans to sell its popular FreshDirect business to grocery delivery pioneer Getir. As the retailer seeks to center its investments on its omnichannel businesses, Ahold has announced the completion of this strategic deal.

The recent acquisition is set to establish significant synergies between Getir and FreshDirect. As a press release explained, Getir's technological power will improve FreshDirect's technological infrastructure, and FreshDirect customers will receive their orders much faster through Getir's agile approach.

Backed by FreshDirect's robust product portfolio of fresh, high-quality products and its broad customer base, Getir will be able to quickly accelerate the growth of its fast delivery business in the United States.

Ahold Delhaize USA reported an update regarding the sale of its FreshDirect business to Getir

With a business model based on the scheduled delivery of orders to homes or offices at certain times of the day, FreshDirect aligns with some of the top agricultural and food producers to bring fresh products directly to its customers. The delivery titan optimizes a fleet of 400 trucks and a 640,000-square-foot production and distribution center in the Bronx to serve the greater New York tri-state area.

What advancements will the strategic acquisition spell out for Getir? AndNowUKnow will surely report as we find out.

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