ALC Logistics' Kenny Lund Discusses Growth

ALC Logistics' Kenny Lund Discusses Growth

ANAHEIM, CA - When wandering the show floor, I often find myself gravitating toward the Allen Lund Company (ALC) booth. But it’s not just the warm and inviting team members I get to chat with that draws me in, but also the company’s penchant for growth and exceptional customer service. Kenny Lund, Executive Vice President, shared with me his unique insight into the company that continues to grow in ways that benefit the entire industry.

Kenny Lund, Executive Vice President, ALC Logistics“Whether a customer does three, 300, or 3,000 LTL shipments a month, we have the right module and the right software to help them do that,” he said.

ALC Logistics has experienced another record-breaking growth year—which is exciting to the company for many reasons. ALC has grown the number of companies it works with, and all the current companies and customers have all added on to the systems. The company started with a solid, yet humble, foundation and has continued to grow and expand into an entity with the power to offer premium programs.

ALC Logistics' current business model is more effective and proficient than ever before, as the company continues to work to develop strategies that benefit the entire supply chain

“We started off with just five modules, and have grown to 15 modules,” Kenny commented. “We can do yard management; we can do dock scheduling; we can do multi-area dock scheduling, inbound and outbound; and we just keep adding to what we’re able to do for our customers.”

Of course, it all comes down to what the customer wants and needs, so when one comes to ALC asking, “Can you help us do this?” the company has what it takes to meet those needs. With ALC’s current business model, it is more effective and proficient than ever before, while developing strategies that benefit the entire supply chain.

“Using the buying power of grouping together all our customers in the marketplace, we can deliver their products at a lower cost than what they can do working by themselves,” said Kenny.

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