Allied Potato and Chipper Inc. Prepare for PMA Foodservice; Dominic Carnazzo Shares the Details

Allied Potato and Chipper Inc. Prepare for PMA Foodservice; Dominic Carnazzo Shares the Details

BAKERSFIELD, CA - The sea breeze is calling to us over on the West Coast, signaling that PMA Foodservice is once again coming to Monterey Bay. As we at ANUK ready ourselves for the excitement to come, I wanted to touch base with Allied Potato and its sub-company Chipper Inc., and Dominic Carnazzo of Business Development and Marketing gave me a taste of what to expect.

Dominic Carnazzo, Business Development and Marketing, Allied PotatoOver the last 18 months, we’ve made unprecedented gains across our business and have successfully executed our expansion strategy,” Dominic began. “Attendance is particularly important to us this year as we showcase the expansion of our brand presence in the foodservice sector and highlight some unique new innovations.”

Allied Potato considers PMA Foodservice one of the premier events of the season, and Dominic emphasized the need to get back to valuable face-to-face relationship building. Of course, he looks forward to seeing old friends, building new relationships, and showcasing the company’s new products, all while enjoying the coastal town where he grew up.

Ahead of PMA Foodservice, Allied Potato reminds buyers that it offers its products with full vertical integration

Dominic stated that Allied Potato and Chipper Inc. will highlight new innovative products, giving some additional weight to an already highly successful year-round program. Chipper Inc. handles the day-to-day operations on both the Fresh CHIPPERBEC Potato as well as the all-new CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen French Fry for the foodservice sector.

“We plan on serving some of our noticeably fantastic French Fries made from our fresh crop potatoes, as well as our all-new CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen French Fry line,” Dominic continued.

Buyers will be overjoyed to learn that Allied Potato offers its products with full vertical integration, ensuring that the company maintains control of all aspects of its program from the land, seed, growing, harvesting, storage, packing, shipping, and forward distribution.

At this year's event, Allied Potato will showcase its innovative new products including its CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen French Fry line

On a final note, Dominic shared that at the end of the day, the PMA Foodservice event allows for an opportunity for our industry’s esteemed innovators to come together and appreciate each other’s accomplishments.

PMA Foodservice is unique in the fact that it gathers a large group of diverse businesses and individuals in some of the most pristine and fertile grounds in the U.S.” he said. “We can all gather for business meetings, to present new products, and create, as well as foster, some long-standing relationships both inside and outside of the show.”

As you walk the show floor in search of the industry’s latest developments, be sure to track down Allied Potato and Chipper Inc. to get a taste of the latest innovations.

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