Amazon Plans to Introduce Cashierless Tech at Whole Foods

Amazon Plans to Introduce Cashierless Tech at Whole Foods

UNITED STATES - Cashierless grocery is all the rage these days, especially when it comes to grocery shopping during a worldwide pandemic. Though nearly all retailers have dipped their toes in the cashierless waters by now, Amazon was one of the first, introducing its Go convenience store format all the way back in 2016.

A lot has changed since then, including the e-tailer’s acquisition of natural grocer Whole Foods Market. Now bringing its traditional retail counterpart into the new age, Amazon has teased that the cashierless technology will soon be rolling out at Whole Foods locations.

Amazon announced plans to introduce its cashierless tech, popularized by the Amazon Go format, at Whole Foods

According to news source The Verge, rumors have spread that Amazon will be bringing this market-amassing strategy to Whole Foods sometime in the second quarter of 2021. With the concept already up and running at over 20 Amazon Go locations, Whole Foods will soon be equipped with cameras, sensors, and computer vision which revolutionizes the shopper experience.

The source also noted that this will be one of two projects that will be led by CEO of Worldwide Consumer Jeff Wilke ahead of his retirement. Though Amazon has yet to make public comment on its latest cashierless news, we have it on good authority that the concept will be here sooner than we think.

With Whole Foods reportedly making big plans for the future, you won’t want to miss what ANUK has to say next.

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