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Armatic Co-Founder Casey Griswold Discusses Changing How Produce Companies Get Paid

Armatic Co-Founder Casey Griswold Discusses Changing How Produce Companies Get Paid

LAGUNA BEACH, CA - In the produce industry we are acutely aware that time is money, and no two companies are alike. International AR platform provider, Armatic, looks to embrace this.

How? By simplifying and expediting the payment process, while offering a financial solution that caters to business’ unique needs.

Casey Griswold, Co-Founder, Armatic “The short version is, we pick up where accounting systems leave off, after an invoice is created, providing tools and automation to help facilitate payments much faster and easier,” Armatic Co-Founder, Casey Griswold, shares. “The Armatic platform allows companies to create rule sets to automatically handle any accounts receivable scenario.”

The company’s motto is to change the way you get paid; using a team of data analysts, engineers, and credit specialists to provide a cutting-edge, customized option to AR.

Notable features, Include:

  • Automatic Invoice Follow-up
  • Recurring Billing
  • Automatic failed payment chasing
  • Late fee manager
  • Customer Portal
  • Payment Plans

“Armatic provides a modern, multi-user CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and AR platform that allows companies to completely recreate the payment follow up processes they currently have–or should have–in place to receive payments faster, with much less effort,” Casey summarizes.

Learning from each payment and invoice at an individual customer level, Armatic has developed innovative solutions that save time and resources while improving the customer experience. Click here to learn more about the company’s reach in credit decisions and payment strategies.