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Bako Sweet® Prepares for Organic Produce Summit 2022 Showcase; Prescott Leyba and Alexandra Rae Molumby Discuss

Bako Sweet® Prepares for Organic Produce Summit 2022 Showcase; Prescott Leyba and Alexandra Rae Molumby Discuss

BAKERSFIELD, CA - It’s showtime! As the produce industry ramps up for trade show season, Bako Sweet® Director of Sales Prescott Leyba and Alexandra Rae Molumby, Director of Marketing, pulled back the curtain to give buyers a glimpse of its Organic Produce Summit 2022 (OPS) showcase taking center stage.

Prescott Leyba, Director of Sales, Bako Sweet®“This year, we will feature all our organic value-added pack styles. The organic mesh sweet potato bag is a fan favorite and our number one seller,” Prescott tells buyers. “No longer will inconsistently sized, bulk sweet potatoes do. Bako Sweet has triple-washed, value-added solutions that bring business to your produce department and positively impact your sales. We are here to give your sweet potato category some TLC.”

Currently, Bako Sweet offers organic Single Sweets; 2, 3, and 5 lb organic mesh sweet potato bags; 10/24 oz organic baby sweet potato bags; organic white, orange, and purple sweet potatoes in 14 oz bags; and organic 14/4 recyclable trays which will be featured in the Organic Innovation Showcase.

Gearing up for OPS 2022, Bako Sweet® is preparing to showcase its versatile lineup of organic sweet potato offerings

On top of a wide variety of pack and product options to meet retailers’ needs, with Bako Sweet’s value-added products, shoppers get the consistency they look for when picking produce.

Alexandra Rae Molumby, Director of Marketing, Bako Sweet®“We focus on value-added products to benefit both retailers and the shoppers they serve. Whether picking up a bag of our sweet potatoes in-store or ordering them online for delivery, our offerings assure consumers that they will always get the same consistently sized high-quality product,” adds Rae. “We are invested in the time and experienced, skilled workforce necessary to offer sweet potatoes with quality that you can rely on every time.”

Now is the perfect opportunity for retailers to add Bako Sweet’s value-added products to their shelves, as Prescott tells me that shoppers are increasingly flocking toward packaged produce, and the trend applies to sweet potatoes as well.

To add to the demand for prepacked produce, consumers are also increasingly seeking organic offerings, with many shoppers saying they select organic products at least some of the time, Rae states. That, coupled with the consistency Bako Sweet provides with its value-added products, makes for an increased bottom line for retailers.

In addition to its consistently sized, high-quality offerings, Bako Sweet will also be showing off its recyclable trays which will be featured in the Organic Innovation Showcase

“Research shows nearly 29 percent of sweet potato shoppers said they selected organic product at least some of the time,” Rae informs. “Eleven percent said they always chose organic sweet potatoes, and shoppers younger than 40 and families with two kids living at home were the most likely always to choose organic sweet potatoes.”

Adding to Bako Sweet’s involvement in OPS 2022, Rae is part of the event’s first-ever OPS committee that will continue to evolve and build on the show’s success in the coming years.

As consumer trends sway toward value-added, prepacked products, pay a visit to Bako Sweet’s OPS booth #307 to get a leg up this sweet potato season.

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