Baloian Farms' Jay Angulo Talks Premier Products, Mexico Program, and More

Baloian Farms' Jay Angulo Talks Premier Products, Mexico Program, and More

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FRESNO, CA - Peppers, squash, eggplant—you name it, Baloian Farms has got it. Wielding its robust lineup of fresh vegetables, the grower continues to help its partners satisfy retail demand. We recently got in touch with Jay Angulo, Sales, to learn more.

Jay Angulo, Sales, Baloian Farms“Our focus is bell peppers, green bell, red pepper, [and] yellow pepper,” Jay begins, diving into the provider’s portfolio. “We also do squash, eggplant, and red onion. Really, our focus is green bell peppers, and we are a year-round supplier on those.”

Backing the strength of its evolving portfolio, Baloian Farms has been bolstering its overall Mexico program while focusing on the addition of new offerings.

Baloian Farms has been strategically growing its Mexico program to back its portfolio of peppers, squash, eggplant, onion, and more

“We are focused on the new products we’re doing; building the program overall out of Mexico [has] been a big focus over the last couple of years," Jay continues. "Not far from Monterey, we have Hollister. That’s starting here, and it’s going to be the fresh crop green bell [and] red peppers. We get red onions from there right now too.”

This premier product is also available in specified packs, including foodservice, to cater to Baloian’s customers’ needs.

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