A Behind the Scenes Look at PMA's Tech Knowledge Event

A Behind the Scenes Look at PMA's Tech Knowledge Event

MONTEREY, CA - In this PMA TV exclusive, Ashley Boucher, host and PR Manager of PMA, takes us behind the scenes at the 2nd Annual PMA Tech Knowledge in Monterey, CA. At the conference, over 200 industry members came to talk about leveraging new technologies, and how Ag Tech innovations will streamline business operations, strengthen fresh produce safety, and ultimately help feed a growing population. 

Featuring interviews with Cailtin Antle, Sales and Marketing Director of Tanimura & Antle, and Robert Verloop, Executive VP of Marketing for Naturipe Farms, this video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the latest for the companies, and how they envision the future of tech.

The exclusive also includes interviews with the following tech visionaries:

  • Dr. Bob Whitaker, Chief Science and Tech Officer, PMA
  • Warren Bebb, CEO of Biolumic
  • Katharine Rosser, Sales Engineer, FarmSolutions
  • Mike Dodson, CEO and Co-Founder, Lotpath
  • Anthony Zografos, CEO of SafeTraces and DNATrek 

Watch the video above for all this and more on the tech-focused event.

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