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Center for Produce Safety Chairman Vic Smith Details 2020 Victories

Center for Produce Safety Chairman Vic Smith Details 2020 Victories

WOODLAND, CA - In a recent newsletter from the Center for Produce Safety (CPS), Chairman Vic Smith detailed some of the ways in which the association—and by extension, the industry—has weathered the storm that is 2020.

Vic Smith, Chairman, Center for Produce Safety Board of Directors President and Chief Executive Officer, J.V. Smith Companies“2020 demanded more from all of us, at work and at home (which for many of us became the same place). Yet the demands of safeguarding fresh produce remained constant, if not increased, as how and where we eat changed with the times,” Smith began. “The Center for Produce Safety community rose above the challenge, understanding our need for produce safety answers couldn’t pause for a pandemic.”

Some of the ways in which CPS has helped move innovation forward is through utilizing its Technical Committee volunteers, who have harnessed technology and helped implement CPS’s strategic efforts to call for research proposals. In total, 15 projects were completed in 2020, with another 11 set to be completed in the first half of 2021.

The Center for Produce Safety (CPS), and by extension, the industry as a whole, has implemented unique strategies to overcome the challenges of 2020

Outreach also expanded, as the Knowledge Transfer Task Force took the Center for Produce Safety’s Research Symposium virtual, which allowed for hundreds of industry members to participate for the first time ever. The task force also published six new trade newspaper columns, which helped translate CPS research findings into real-world applications—delivering insights for industry leaders.

“Most important of all, this work was made possible by the generous support of contributors to CPS– companies across the fresh produce supply chain and specialty crop-producing states alike,” Smith concluded. “We are grateful to all of you, 2020’s silver linings. You exemplify leadership. Thank you for your commitment to funding science, finding solutions and fueling change in fresh produce food safety. Watch for news of a fresh opportunity to invest in the future of fresh produce safety coming in 2021.”

As we look to the new year, AndNowUKnow will be tirelessly keeping our eyes on the latest news.

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