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Chiquita Launches Colorful New Sticker Series for Spring; Jamie Postell and Michela Picchi Discuss

Chiquita Launches Colorful New Sticker Series for Spring; Jamie Postell and Michela Picchi Discuss

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - An all-new collaboration is bringing vibrant art to the produce aisle as Chiquita links up with Italian artist Michela Picchi. The newfound partnership has resulted in the makeover of the brand’s iconic blue sticker, bringing new designs as a celebration of growth, rebirth, rejuvenation, and sunshine.

Chiquita has partnered with Italian artist Michela Picchi to give the brand’s iconic blue sticker a springtime makeover

“We know that fans often crave the warmth and sunshine that the spring season brings,” said Jamie Postell, Vice President of Sales for Chiquita North America. “By embodying Chiquita’s bold and fun spirit, we hope that Picchi’s artwork on our stickers can help consumers to feel refreshed as we head into spring.”

A unique twist on the original design, the springtime stickers feature vibrant colors, mesmerizing patterns, and eye-catching spring visuals to complement the company’s bright yellow bananas.

According to a press release, these limited-edition stickers can be found on 200 million Chiquita bananas worldwide from now through mid-April.

The designs embody Chiquita’s bold and fun spirit, utilizing vibrant colors and mesmerizing patterns to stop shoppers in their tracks

Picchi is a cross-disciplinary artist who is known for her use of vibrant color palettes and an experimental approach, the release noted. With her refreshing take on the classic blue sticker, the new design visually depicts the feelings of spring that consumers long for during the winter.

Michela Picchi, Artist“I was thrilled to work with Chiquita because the brand’s bright and energetic identity lends itself perfectly to my style,” said Michela Picchi. “The spring season signals the coming of warmer days and new beginnings, so incorporating those visuals into the stickers was essential to the design to ensure that each sticker exudes the excitement of the new season.”

This sales-driving strategy is a sure-fire way to draw even more attention to the banana category. For more tactical plays, keep a tab on the produce industry with ANUK.


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