CMI Orchards Announces a Strong Start to the 2018 Cherry Season

CMI Orchards Announces a Strong Start to the 2018 Cherry Season

WENATCHEE, WA - The summer season of nature’s candy, a.k.a. cherries, isn’t slowing anytime soon, and CMI Orchards revealed that Rainier cherries from the Pacific Northwest are a true crowd-pleaser this season thanks to chart-topping sugar levels and full-flavored experiences.

George Harter, Vice President of Marketing, CMI Orchards“This year seems to be better than anyone can remember,” said Vice President of Marketing George Harter. “We’ve had reports from the field and packing facilities that our cherries are the best they’ve seen in years. It is so important to promote Red, Rainier, and organic cherries to maximize category results and customer satisfaction. CMI Orchards is well-equipped to supply our customers with the variety needed to maximize their results. The outstanding eating quality this year will generate those much sought after repeat sales. We are looking for this to be an amazing year for retailers and consumers.”

CMI Orchards Rainier Cherries

Harter also reported that rave reviews are rolling in from retail customers who are pleased with the quality, sweetness, and texture, according to a press release. Specifically, the warm days and cool nights—optimal weather conditions—have helped this season’s cherries develop the high sugar, great flavor, and vibrant colors that are pleasing CMI’s customers.

And, for retailers looking to take advantage of National Rainier Cherry Day on July 11th will be happy to know that Harter expects ample supplies to continue.

CMI's Nature's Candy cherries

“Any retailer looking to get a jump on sales to kick off the summer months should talk to us about running promotions,” Harter said, noting that harvest timing aligns perfectly with retailers’ drives in summer sales. “There will be ample opportunity for promotions including the July 4th holiday and through the month of July. We have great tools such as 2-box shipper displays and point-of-sale materials that can help drive interest and capture those impulse purchases that cherries bring to category sales.”

With packages to match any and all retailer needs, including 6 oz snack-sized cherry pouch bags for snack displays, convenience store formats, and grab-and-go snack sections, retailers won’t want to skip out on having this season’s CMI Orchards’ Rainier cherries in stores this summer.

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