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CMI Orchards' George Harter Talks Daisy Girl Organics, Top Varieties, and More

WENATCHEE, WA – As we reign in a new year, CMI Orchards is reigning in new number in organic distribution. Standing at one of the largest organic growers in the Pacific North West, VP of Marketing George Harter took some time to tell me about the team's approach.

George Harter, Vice President of Marketing, CMI Orchards

“20% of all of our trees in the ground, the fruit that we grow, is organic,” said Harter. “We know our customers want that and we’re proud to supply that to them. Our Daisy Girl brand of organics has been received well by our customers, retail, and consumers. At CMI Orchards, we worked hard at developing high-flavor apples to satisfy as many customers as we possibly can.”

KIKU® Apples

And, with 6 of the top 8 high-flavored varieties, CMI Orchards is touting top customer satisfaction goals.

“We’re proud to grow them [the high-flavored varieties]. We’ve also been moving those varieties into the organic part of the manifest,” Harter continued. “So, we have high-flavored organic apples, conventional, and organic.”

Daisy Girl Organics' Display

CMI Orchard plans to continue to grow both their high flavored and organic apples in the near future, anticipating a 5% increase in organics. Over 60% of the brands offerings are already high flavored, organic items.

To keep up to date with future movement on both the high-flavor and organics fronts, stay tuned to AndKnowUKnow.

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