CMI Orchards Rolls Out American Dream® Program for Veterans Day; Bob Mast and Danelle Huber Share

CMI Orchards Rolls Out American Dream® Program for Veterans Day; Bob Mast and Danelle Huber Share

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WENATCHEE, WA - Tomorrow is Veterans Day, and the industry is coming together to celebrate. CMI Orchards in particular has some exciting news to share. In addition to distributing its American Dream® apples, the supplier revealed its semi-truck sporting the “Honoring Our Soldiers” messaging, which will be part of the local Veterans Day parade today in Wenatchee, Washington.

Bob Mast, President, CMI Orchards“Our vision was to create a program that was impactful, proudly American, and inspiring, and we’re incredibly grateful to be able to give back locally as well as nationally,” Bob Mast, President of CMI Orchards, commented in a press release in regard to the program rollout.

In addition to participating in the parade, fresh American Dream apples will be shared with local veterans at the Wenatchee chapter of the American Legion®. CMI will also offer special promotions within its local community to honor veterans, partnering with local retailers to offer free apples.

In addition to distributing its American Dream® apples, CMI Orchards' semi-truck will sport the “Honoring Our Soldiers” messaging and will take part in Wenatchee, Washington's local Veterans Day parade

For every box of American Dream apples sold, a portion of the proceeds is donated to a cause that supports veteran and military groups and their families, chosen by participating retail partners. Operation Homefront, Wounded Warrior Project, Soldiers’ Angels, and Vets Serving Vets are among the organizations to benefit from this initiative to date.

Danelle Huber, Senior Marketing Manager, CMI Orchards“Not only can retailers capitalize on this program to drive sales in the produce department throughout the year, but it’s highly customizable individually,” Danelle Huber, Senior Marketing Manager, said. “Even the give-back component can be personalized, with retailers able to choose any local, regional, or national cause that really aligns with their company or customer base.”

The program includes all of CMI’s core apples and cherries, dished up in pouch bags, poly bags, and clamshell packaging. By offering American Dream apples, retailers can express their support for veterans, engage customers with unique packaging, and make a positive difference in their communities.

We applaud CMI and the participating retailers for bringing this impactful program to life!

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