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Crystal Valley Foods' Katiana Valdes Discusses Easter Promotions

Crystal Valley Foods' Katiana Valdes Discusses Easter Promotions

MIAMI, FL - As you well know, now is the time to start preparing for Easter ad programs. I’m speculating that this year will be especially lucrative for the buy-side, as more shoppers are staying in and preparing Easter brunch in their homes. In order to complement this demand, Crystal Valley Foods has a hearty supply of springtime veggies to keep retailers happy and shoppers hungry for more.

Katiana Valdes, Marketing Director, Crystal Valley Foods“Asparagus and French beans are favorites to promote during the Easter season,” noted Katiana Valdes, Marketing Director. “The veggies are usually plentiful in the spring months and this year, since Easter falls in early April, we plan on having good asparagus volume and quality to ship from Mexico in the weeks leading up to the holiday. We will also have plenty of volume of French beans as we are one of the largest importers of French beans as well.”

Both green and white asparagus see strong demand in the weeks before Easter, as many consumers incorporate them into brunch recipes or dinner sides.

Crystal Valley Foods has a hearty supply of both asparagus and green beans for retailers to promote during the busy Easter season

“White asparagus, specifically, is traditionally a European favorite in the spring months and does well in the U.S. for holidays as well. Crystal Valley was one of the first companies to import white asparagus from Peru for the U.S. market, and we have developed a strong and consistent year-round program,” Katiana explained. “There is a huge opportunity for retail to educate consumers on this delicious item that is already very well loved in Europe.”

And in order for retailers to see high-volume sales this month and next, I asked Katiana what advice she had to share.

To capitalize on this prime promotional period, Crystal Valley Foods recommends keeping displays stocked and cross-merchandising with key ingredients for delicious Easter dishes

“Make sure your asparagus, French bean, and other favorite Easter veggies and fruit displays are front and center and always full,” she noted. “Cross-merchandising asparagus or French beans with foods and meats typically served on Easter like ham, lamb, bacon, and even prosciutto, can also help boost sales. Asparagus is becoming a popular brunch item as well and can be added to quiches, frittatas, and other egg dishes. Crystal Valley’s marketing team is happy to work with retailers to develop custom marketing material for their stores in order to promote their asparagus programs for the holiday and all year. This includes POS, recipe cards, social content, and more.”

A perfect partner, indeed!

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