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Dallas Fresh Food Association Forms, Kicks Off Membership Drive

Dallas Fresh Food Association Forms, Kicks Off Membership Drive

DALLAS, TX – Joining the ranks of the already renowned organizations of our industry, the new association has been formed to boost youth and the future of the industry; the Dallas Fresh Food Association (DFFA). DFFA will be holding a kick-off membership drive this month to further the impact of its entrance into the industry.

Bobby Grinstead, Founding Member, DFFA“The mission of the association is inspiring consumption​ and careers​ in fresh foods. To increase consumption, we will be providing programs for education and access to fresh foods through community programs and events,” said Bobby Grinstead, a founding member of DFFA. “We couldn’t be more excited to positively impact the lives of people that would normally not have access to a healthy eating option, and do it in an exciting and fun way.”

Dallas Fresh Food Association

According to a press release, DFFA was created to fill an existing need to promote and provide healthy eating options, primarily for students and young children that would not otherwise have access to these food types. DFFA will also serve to encourage younger generations to explore entry and career development among all sectors of the fresh food industry.

Michael Grinstead, Founding Member, DFFA“Engaging new fresh careers, events will be held to inspire young bright minds right out of high school and college to be a part of the fresh food industry. Getting new minds is something that we see as a top need among all fresh food providers. For our members, we will have luncheons, networking events, leadership opportunities on boards, and education seminars that will aid in career development,” said Michael Grinstead, another founding member of DFFA.

This creation of this association will also give companies who handle fresh foods a way to come together and help impact their community and local businesses. Events will include bi-monthly luncheons where guest speakers will talk about their experiences as well as trends relevant to the industry. Members are not required to be based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but are expected to be regular attendees at these meetings.

Founding members of the association include:

  • Dale Long of the North Texas Food Bank
  • Craig Slate of SunFed
  • Jeff Fugate of Kroger
  • Steve Monson of Robinson Fresh
  • Mark Austin of Hardie’s Fresh Foods
  • Jim Kasko of Hardie’s Fresh Foods
  • Dan’l Mackey Almy of DMA Solutions
  • Beth Atkinson of DMA Solutions
  • Marci Allen of DMA Solutions
  • Steve Grinstead of The Grinstead Group
  • Bobby Grinstead of The Grinstead Group
  • Michael Grinstead of The Grinstead Group

DFFA will kick-off its membership drive on September 13, 2017, with a social event at the North Texas Food Bank office. The event will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. at 1010 S. Pearl Expressway in Dallas in the facility's meeting room.

Dallas Fresh Food Association

The association will cover all fresh food companies, including fruit and vegetables companies, alongside those that handle meat, seafood, and dairy products.

For more information on membership and the upcoming event, contact [email protected].

Dallas Fresh Food Association

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Dallas Fresh Food Association

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