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Divine Flavor Celebrates Grupo Alta's 30-Year Anniversary; Alan Ricardo Aguirre Ibarra Discusses

Divine Flavor Celebrates Grupo Alta's 30-Year Anniversary; Alan Ricardo Aguirre Ibarra Discusses

NOGALES, AZ - As one who has grown up in the ’90s, it’s always grounding to hear that industry names I’ve come to get used to have been around as long as I have on this Earth. One company that I’m celebrating alongside is Grupo Alta, a grower that is hitting its 30 years in business.

Alan Ricardo Aguirre Ibarra, President and Chief Executive Officer, Grupo Alta“It is a major accomplishment to reach 30 years in this industry, and we are proud of each person, staff member, supplier, and customer who has helped us get [to] this point in our company history,” said Alan Ricardo Aguirre Ibarra, President and Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Alta. “Our company was built from family and is filled with inspiration from all of them.”

The company was founded by Enrique Camou Mendoza, Carlos Bon Echavarria, and Aguirre Ibarra. Since its inception in 1991 with 60 hectares (roughly 148 square feet) of table grapes, the farmer has grown to reach 11 different farms and over 10,000 hectares (over 24,710 square feet) of growing land throughout Sonora, in addition to new projects in Jalisco and Baja, Mexico.

In 2007, its identity came to life with the birth of its brand, Divine Flavor. Now, the brand acts as its mothership’s marketing arm and distribution center in Nogales, Arizona.

Grupo Alta is celebrating its 30th year in operation this year, a company founded by family and filled with inspiration

Grupo Alta joined forces with other farm ventures to create organic greenhouses in Baja—known as Alta C1 Organics—using Alta technologies and infrastructure. From this, Viva Organica was formed and is now the lead specialty organic grower for Divine Flavor.

“Grupo Alta stands for passion, loyalty, solidarity, respect, and social/environmental responsibility,” Aguirre Ibarra continued. “For as long as we are a company, it will be our mission to produce with excellence and give our customers and their consumers a first-class experience with the products we grow.”

Prior to earning its Fair Trade certification, the company had initiated its own social program, Foundation Alta, around 1995.

Alan Ricardo Aguirre Ibarra, President, Chief Executive Officer, and one of the Founders of Grupo Alta, has seen the company grow to over 10,000 hectares across Mexico, reaching 11 different farms and sprouting its Divine Flavor brand and Alta C1 Organics

“Social responsibility has and always will be the most important area for Grupo Alta,” said Aguirre Ibarra. “Our farmers, collaborators, and staff are the heart of the company, and this is certainly one [of] the most contributing factors of our 30-year company achievement in producing fresh and healthy produce full of flavor, which has been produced in an organic and sustainable manner.”

To learn more about the company’s journey to now, click here.

Congratulations on 30 years around the sun, and here’s to many more in the future.

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