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Domex Superfresh Growers Offers Promotional Strategies

Domex Superfresh Growers Offers Promotional Strategies

YAKIMA, WA - Domex Superfresh Growers is expecting a large harvest this summer and is already communicating with retailers about market strategies for when their crop comes to market. Domex expects that August and September will be a perfect time to promote Washington apples and is eager to get a head start on the planning process.


Official estimates on the size of this year's harvest will not be available until August 11, but a Domex press release took care to note how “trees around the state are covered in an abundance of apples.” Early expectations have this year's harvest being similar in size to that of last year's, although this year's crop is expected to be ready for picking about 5 days earlier than 2013's. An early crop will allow promotable quantities of Gala apples to be ready for retailers to market by mid-August.

Two other 'critical areas' Domex recommends retailers focus on in marketing are the strong marks for shape, size, and eating quality this year's apples will possess due to a warm spring promoting healthy cell division, as well as an expected delay in apples coming out of the Eastern U.S. because of a cool spring.


Apples make up a very large share of national fruit sales, representing 10.5% of 2013's total fruit sales during the 3rd fiscal quarter, according to a press release quoting Nielsen data. This number actually rose to 19.6% in Q4. Of all apples Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, and Honeycrisp make up the bulk of grocery sales, comprising 76% of dollar sales in 2013, a number up 11.3% from the previous year.


Congratulations Domex on a strong harvest!


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