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Doug Classen from The Nunes Company Shares an Update on Iceberg Lettuce from Yuma

Doug Classen from The Nunes Company Shares an Update on Iceberg Lettuce from Yuma

YUMA, AZ - As a self-proclaimed iceberg lettuce enthusiast, it is good to know that production is alive and well. However, a warmer fall than usual has been a catalyst for an abundant production of iceberg lettuce, which has consequently brought a temporary inundation of supplies in the market. As demand increases this feast-friendly season, how will the market as a whole see a shift?

Doug Classen, Vice President of Sales at The Nunes Company/Foxy Produce, takes a moment to share the latest with me on production out of Yuma.

Doug Classen, VP of Sales, The Nunes Company“The warmer-than-normal weather throughout November and early December has pushed the crop 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule. The excess volume has kept the market well supplied and the prices have been depressed. With lighter supplies on the horizon, we are hoping for strengthening in the market,” Doug shares.

The Nunes Company offers a full line of foodservice and retail packs to supply the broad spectrum of needs within the marketplace, regardless of market conditions.

Foxy Organic Iceberg Lettuce

To this point, he explains, “With iceberg lettuce being our flagship item, The Nunes Company also offers over 35 different commodities. All of the items we market are available conventionally and organically, which gives our customers and the end-user consumer a choice that best fits their needs and lifestyle.”

Another avenue Nunes' team is taking to set itself apart from the pack comes about when the shipment process occurs. “With transportation and logistics becoming a greater challenge, The Nunes Company offers one-stop shopping on our entire product line with both our conventional and organic programs loading off the same dock,” he shares.

Further, Doug expresses an excitement that the quality and condition of iceberg lettuce are in good condition; on that token, Foxy Produce and The Nunes Company are looking forward to the upswing in the market moving forward. While feasts are abundant during the holidays, the company is looking forward to a mutually successful season with its trading partners.

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