Duda Farm Fresh Foods' Bert Barnes Discusses New Sweet Corn Product

Duda Farm Fresh Foods' Bert Barnes Discusses New Sweet Corn Product

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SALINAS, CA - While it seems like innovating in a category like corn may be next to impossible, Duda Farm Fresh Foods has taken up the challenge. The company, best known for its value-added line of celery and other veggies, introduced new tray-packed Super Sweet Corn last month at SEPC's Southern Exposure.

Duda Super Sweet Corn Trays

There, I had the opportunity to chat with Bert Barnes, Account Manager, to find out more about the company’s latest product line and just what sets Duda’s product apart from competitors.

Bert Barnes, Account Manager, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“It comes in 100 percent recyclable packaging,” Bert explained to me, noting that this packaging innovation will appeal to a younger consumer. “As far as the packaging, it’s going to go great with our other value-added items. It’s a high-graphic pack. It’ll look good on the shelf, and it’ll catch the consumers’ eyes.”

Duda Super Sweet Corn

With super-sweet varieties sourced from Florida, Georgia, and Michican, Bert noted, Duda’s Super Sweet Corn tray packs will be available year-round and nationwide.

To learn more, watch our short video interview above.

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