Duda Farm Fresh Foods' Nichole Towell Talks About Ants On A Log Day

Duda Farm Fresh Foods' Nichole Towell Talks About Ants On A Log Day

OVIEDO, FL - As members of the produce industry, we all love fun, healthy holidays and the ways in which they support our work. In celebration of one such occasion, Duda Farm Fresh Foods paid homage to one of the most iconic healthy snacks–Ants on a Log.

Yes, September 12th was Ants on A Log Day, and despite the battering that the growers' home state faced by hurricanes in recent weeks, the company turned out for the occasion. Pulling through for celery and peanut butter, the company turned to social media and influencers to promote the delightful snack.

Nichole Towell, Senior Director of Marketing, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“We enjoy creating a buzz around Ants on a Log because it inspires families to try healthy and fun snacking ideas,” said Nichole Towell, Senior Director of Marketing. “While we weren’t able to partake in this year’s holiday, we are still excited that people were able to enjoy the all-American duo and hope they are encouraged to continue healthy snacking.”

Influencers did their part in supporting Ants on a Log in unique ways, including:

  • Shannon Garcia, Registered Dietician at Kiss in the Kitchen – Published a blog post and TV segment, the local Great Day San Antonio show
  • Liz Della Croce, blogger at The Lemon Bowl featured the snack in a blog post
  • Carissa Bealert, Registered Dietician – Highlighted the snack in a TV segment on a national syndicated Daytime

Fresh cut celery is perfect complement to peanut butter, as exemplified by Dandy Snackers, which feature Dandy’s celery along with Peanut Butter & Co.’s smooth operator peanut butter.

Duda's Ants On A Log

To top off Ants on a Log Day, the two forces came together to sponsor a flash promotion on social media, where five lucky winners received a co-branded prize pack.

Lori Taylor, CEO, The Produce MomAnd last, but not least, Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom will run a Facebook Live event, happening today! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

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