Evan Kravitz Highlights Afresh Grocery Retail Solutions and its Impact on the Market

Evan Kravitz Highlights Afresh Grocery Retail Solutions and its Impact on the Market

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ORLANDO, FL - When dealing with a perishable product, it's essential to have partners in your corner who know the ins and outs of the supply chain, all while providing a solution that benefits the buy-side. Discussing this with us was none other Afresh, which outlined the benefits of its technology.

Evan Kravitz, Vice President of New Partnerships, Afresh"Afresh was really founded on two core theses: One is fresh is the future of grocery retail and the second is fresh has been critically underserved by technology," remarked Evan Kravitz, Vice President of New Partnerships. "Historically, if you look at all of the other solutions that are in the market that do what Afresh does, they're really built as horizontal solutions, not for grocery retail."

As Evan noted, the solutions that are built for the products that might feature center-store are drastically different from those in the perishable department.

Afresh creates solutions for fresh produce that center the needs of retailers and help eliminate food waste

"[...] with the fresh departments where you have hyper-perishability, dynamic merchandising, you really need a fresh first solution to accommodate all of the nuances of fresh," he explained. "How Afresh handles that problem is we basically built a solution from the ground up that not only embraces the nuances of fresh, but provides really, really good machine learning to handle messy data and then provide really accurate order recommendations."

The importance of Afresh's work is an impact on lessening food waste and making food accessible to everyone. Working alongside customers like Albertsons, the solutions provider is doing its best to make a difference.

Afresh continues to center the nuances of fresh produce in designing its technology

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