Farmington Fresh Enters Into Exclusive Agreement with FirstFruits Marketing; Garrison Rajkovich Discusses

Farmington Fresh Enters Into Exclusive Agreement with FirstFruits Marketing; Garrison Rajkovich Discusses

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STOCKTON, CA - As 2017 winds down and we ramp up for the New Year, many companies are building their goals and initiatives for 2018. One of those companies looking to the bright future ahead for fresh produce is Farmington Fresh, a provider of fresh sliced apples, oranges, pears, and other fruits and vegetables to the foodservice industry and retailers.

With health and flavorful experiences at the forefront of food movements, the company has recently announced an agreement with FirstFruits Marketing of Washington to be the exclusive U.S. provider of sliced Opal® brand apples. To speak about the exciting program and the partnership, is Farmington Fresh’s Marketing Manager, Garrison Rajkovich.

Garrison Rajkovich, Marketing Manager, Farmington Fresh

“The distinctive yellow-gold color and truly unique flavor profile that combines a floral aroma, exceptionally sweet, yet tangy flavor, and mouth-pleasing crunch, sets Opal brand sliced apples apart in the produce department,” Garrison shares with me, adding that as the exclusive U.S. provider of Opal brand sliced apples, Farmington Fresh offers consumers this unique flavor experience in an array of value-added packages, providing the convenience and variety that consumers demand. “Opal brand sliced apples are available in pre-portioned, individually packaged bags, that are perfect for on-the-go consumers and meeting consumers’ demands for convenient and healthy snack options.”

Farmington Fresh's Opal apples

Showcased in high-end, resealable 14 oz. bags with six bags to a case, this packaging keeps apples crisp and fresh. Farmington Fresh will also be presenting the Opal apples in convenient 4 oz. bags with twelve bags to a case, for those consumers to grab-and-go during, or in preparation for, their busy day. And for those little hands, Farmington Fresh will be offering six individually packaged 2 oz. bags inside a clamshell for easy storage—perfect for consumers to use in children’s lunches. This option will come in six clamshells to a case.

“The convenience provided by the individually packaged bags of pre-sliced apples make Opal® brand sliced apples perfect for merchandising with other snack and lunch foods, especially during the school year and in the warmer summer months when consumers seek quick, easy and refreshing snacks,” Garrison says. “This variety has been described by some as a ‘dessert apple,’ allowing it to be cross-merchandised with cheeses, nuts, chocolates, and other appetizers.” 

The packaging design features the eye-catching, distinctive golden-yellow color that Opal brand apples are known for. And another benefit of this variety—Opal brand apples are also the United States’ first apple variety to be verified by the Non-GMO Project, an important consideration for some consumers.

Farmington Fresh's Opal apples

Opal brand apples were discovered in Europe in 1999 and are now grown exclusively in the U.S. by Broetje Orchards in Washington State. This variety is a cross between the Golden Delicious and Topaz varieties. 

“Farmington Fresh was inspired by the innovation that my grandfather, Nick Rajkovich, brought to the fruit market in his day, and this one-of-a-kind variety is a perfect match to the legacy of excellence that he was known for,” said Garrison. “The Opal® brand apple is truly unique, with the mouth-pleasing crunch of a Granny Smith and an exceptionally sweet flavor profile. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Broetje Orchards® team to provide a product that fits perfectly with our focus on high quality and customer satisfaction.”

In addition to the Opal, the Farmington Fresh provides sliced green and red apples to Northern California retailers including Safeway Inc. and Nugget Markets, with plans to expand its distribution area.

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