Find the ANUK Apple Logo on the Cover of the December, 2018 Snack Magazine

Find the ANUK Apple Logo on the Cover of the December, 2018 Snack Magazine

SACRAMENTO, CA - It’s that time of the year—and for once I’m not talking about the holidays! This month’s round of our Find the Apple contest is finally here! So, grab December’s issue of The Snack Magazine, recruit as many holiday elves as possible, and get to scouring that cover for the hidden logo so that you can join the running to be the winner of a $100 cash prize—the perfect amount to buy approximately 1,000 mini candy canes.

The 2018 December issue of the Snack is a festive tribute to AC Foods!

If you haven’t received a hard copy of this month’s issue, click here for the digital cover and try your luck. But before you snap that merry and bright selfie, be sure you meet the following requirements:

We want to see your face!

Dustin White, Procurement Manager, Fresh Concepts Inc. and his winning submission for the June issue of the Snack!

Whether you have that holiday glow or are just making your way through another Wednesday, show us a smile and your beautiful produce-loving faces! It brightens up our day!

Your finger must be pointing to the AndNowUKnow apple logo!

Pictured below is what our logo looks like, and if you capture the perfect pic that features your finger pointing to the exact spot of the logo, it could be you doing a prize-winner dance in your office later today.

If you can answer yes to both of those requirements, email your photo to [email protected] to qualify; the race starts now! Remember that we choose two winners, one from the buy-side and one from the supply-side.

Past winners have included:

  • Brett Burdsal
  • Danny Ortiz of Sysco
  • Mike Mendez of NatureFresh Farms
  • Brandi McGuire-Sisco of Topco Associates
  • Irene Jamarillo of Beachside Produce
  • Laura Bartlett, Beachside Produce’s Sales and Marketing Administrator
  • Two-Time victor Danny Ortiz of Sysco
  • Sobey’s Produce Sourcing Specialist, Organic Dry & Wet Veg Lead, Monina Knox
  • Sherry Harper of Beachside Produce
  • Francesca Fordice of J. Marchini Farms

Interested in receiving a copy of The Snack so that you’ll be rearing and ready to go for our next challenge? Subscriptions are valued at $129 per year, so click here to subscribe.

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