Freska Produce International's Gary Clevenger Details Tight Red Mangos Ahead of Cinco de Mayo

Freska Produce International's Gary Clevenger Details Tight Red Mangos Ahead of Cinco de Mayo

OXNARD, CA - Whether you’re honoring it at home or in the restaurant, Cinco de Mayo is a festive holiday worth celebrating. One aspect consumers love about the day is the food, and Gary Clevenger wholeheartedly agrees. I tapped the Managing Member of Freska Produce International to see how the mango provider is preparing for the holiday.

Gary Clevenger, Managing Member, Freska Produce International“At the moment, mangos are very tight. As one of the largest shippers in Mexico, we are continuing to support our customers with mangos when others find it hard to source due to our long-standing relationships with packers,” Gary begins. “Cinco will be a tough promotion period, but we will have fruit and will be supporting our retail partners. Get your orders in early to set yourself up for success!”

Due to a shortage of red mango varieties, Gary predicts imports from Mexico will be on a bit of the lower end around the holiday weekend. However, full retail support will be in the cards, and Freska has another ace up its sleeves: avocados.

“We recommend cross-merchandising reds with yellow mangos to really liven up the produce floor,” Gary continues. “This year, there will be plenty of yellow or Honey mangos to display for Cinco de Mayo. Displaying mangos with avocados at the front will do a great job at pushing sales as shoppers enter the store.”

Tight red mango supplies won't affect Freska Produce International’s retail support as the provider will have plenty of yellow and Honey mangos for Cinco de Mayo displays

Colorful and attractive displays will surely be a crowd-pleaser as spirit-forward drinks and fresh salsa and dessert abound for the festive weekend. Having a mix of ripe and unripe mangos will also be a successful promotional plan for shoppers to enjoy their fresh fruit either that night or as a sweet treat later on.

“Spring is a great time for mango and avocado sales because shoppers are looking for fresh product now that it’s getting warmer,” Gary concludes. “Freska provides promotional materials and retail support to catch those impulse sales. Cinco de Mango!”

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