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Frieda’s Branded Produce’s Alex Jackson Highlights Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes Ahead of Thanksgiving Holiday

Frieda’s Branded Produce’s Alex Jackson Highlights Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes Ahead of Thanksgiving Holiday

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - What’s a festive feast without the quintessential potato dish? When getting meals together in my family, potatoes are always one of the first items we put on the shopping list, and I’m sure your shoppers think the same way. Thankfully, Frieda’s Branded Produce’s Alex Jackson agrees with me as well. I recently had a chat with the Director of Sales and Procurement herself, as the specialty provider brings a little sweetness to the table.

Alex Jackson, Director of Sales and Procurement, Frieda's Branded Produce“As the exclusive distributor of Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes, we will be offering an organic 12/3 lb bag option during the holiday season along with 15 and 40 lb cartons of both organic and conventional,” Alex shares. “Stokes are an incredibly versatile variety that are mildly sweet with slight floral notes. They are somewhat moist and moderately starchy, which makes them perfect for fries, pies, and everything in between.”

The trailblazing fruit and veggie brand is also investing in consumer advertising to drive trial, both online and in-store. In an effort to expand awareness this holiday season, Frieda’s recently teamed up with Diamond of California and ShortGirlTallOrder to create a cross-promotion that brings inspiration to tables around the country. I’m willing to bet shoppers would eagerly dive into this vegan stokes purple® sweet potato pecan streusel pie, which was born out of this delicious alliance.

Frieda’s Branded Produce teamed up with Diamond of California and ShortGirlTallOrder to create a cross-promotional opportunity for Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes ahead of Thanksgiving promotions

“We know the holiday season is the time for something special, and it presents the perfect opportunity for a trade-up from the traditional,” continues Alex. “In a recent 1,000-person survey, 83 percent of shoppers said they want to trade up from orange to purple sweet potatoes, especially when cooking for the holidays. In that same survey, 79 percent of shoppers said they were willing to pay more for purple sweet potatoes. Key weeks to promote Stokes Purple sweet potatoes are leading into the two largest American holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Which means that these promotions will last all holiday long. Frieda’s makes it easy to display with eye-catching, stand-alone shippers that help inspire consumers to add color and flair to their holiday meal while making these gorgeous sweet potatoes easy to find. And these promotions catch more than just festive shoppers; the variety is perfect to promote year-round from its tasty portfolio to health benefits.

The holiday season is the perfect time for shoppers to trade-up from traditional dishes, utilizing Frieda’s Branded Produce's wide portfolio of specialty products to create colorful meals

“Organic Stokes Purple sweet potatoes are the fastest-selling purple sweet potato and a must-have year-round,” Alex says. “With the New Year fast approaching and the inevitable whiplash of consumer sentiment shifting to health and wellness, it is the perfect time to consider planning an immunity destination in the produce department.”

Stokes Purple sweet potatoes contain antioxidants including anthocyanins, the same compound found in blueberries. As shoppers look to bolster their immunity through fruit and vegetable variety, this superfood makes for a great display alongside immunity-supporting items like fresh turmeric, ginger root, and citrus.

For more tips and updates in the fresh produce industry throughout the holidays and beyond, keep checking back to ANUK.

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