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Frieda’s Names Three Produce Trends for 2016

Frieda’s Names Three Produce Trends for 2016

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - When it comes to New Year’s health trends, there’s no better place to start than the produce aisle. Frieda’s Specialty Produce’s trend spotters have a new list of predictions for which healthy food movements will capture the hearts and wallets of consumers this year. 

1) The Return of Potatoes and Good Carbs

Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes

“Good carbs,” or complex carbohydrates are no longer as scary to consumers as they once were. Sweet potatoes like Frieda’s Stokes Purple® variety more popular than ever, and potatoes in general are making a comeback, so the company suggests stocking a variety of specialties in your produce department. With retailers already stocking up for Potato Lover’s Month in February, Frieda’s says it’s the perfect time to power up the specialty potato offerings with fingerling potatoes and multicolor packs like the company’s own Star Spangled Spuds. 

2) Power Bowls with Colorful Vegetables 

A Frieda's Power Bowl

Meals in bowls don't just mean breakfast anymore. Lunch and dinner choices like “Power bowls” and vegan “Buddha bowls” often include a base of quinoa or brown rice topped with a lean protein, lots of colorful vegetables, and a even a fruit or two, Frieda’s says. Nutrient-dense citrus and tropical fruits like starfruit and dragon fruit, as well as vegetables like fennel, baby beets, watermelon radishes, colored cauliflower, Romanesco, and sweet potato, are perfect accompaniments for any foodie’s bowl of choice.

3) Soup Up with Roots & Flavor Boosters


“Soups are the new smoothie!” Frieda’s writes in a press release. Both comforting and packed with nutrients, home-cooked soups can help health-conscious consumers add a broader range of ingredients than just carrots and celery into their diets. The company recommends on-trend ingredients such as colored cauliflower, sweet potatoes, root vegetables like Sunchokes® and celery root, and flavor boosters like ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, and fresh chile peppers.

Want more information about any of the products above? Contact Frieda’s to find out about these and even more trending products.

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