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Frieda's Specialty Produce Prepares for Cinco de Mayo with Fresh Pepper Varieties

Frieda's Specialty Produce Prepares for Cinco de Mayo with Fresh Pepper Varieties

LOS ALAMITOS, CA – Fresh produce plays a starring role in Cinco de Mayo dishes, and Frieda’s Specialty Produce is looking to spice up produce departments through expanded offerings of its fresh chile pepper varieties.

Karen Caplan, President and CEO, Frieda's Specialty Produce

“Fresh peppers are key ingredients to essential Cinco de Mayo dishes from salsas and guacamole to main dishes, and even infusing into beverages,” said Karen Caplan, President and CEO. “This food-centered holiday kicks off the summer party season and sets the tone for summer selling. We want to help our customers keep their sales sizzling as we roll into summer grilling season.”

The company stated in a press release that as consumers demand a wider selection of fresh chile peppers, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to take answer that need. Frieda’s Specialty Produce is offering its varieties as a comprehensive source for retailers and wholesalers.

Friedas Shishito Peppers

Frieda’s can serve as a one-stop pepper shop for the following varietal needs:  

  • Staples like jalapeno, poblano, and serrano
  • Hot specialties like red fresno, de arbol, and shishito peppers
  • Lesser-known foodie finds like manzano, Hungarian wax, and caribe
  • Fiery hot peppers from Holland including ghost and Carolina reaper
  • Classic and mild mini sweet and organic bell peppers

Allen DeMo, Director of Procurement and Sourcing, Frieda's Specialty Produce

“Frieda’s has expanded our fresh pepper program to new growing partners in multiple growing regions to offer year-round supply on many fresh pepper varieties, and we offer them in multiple pack sizes for our customers,” said Allen DeMo, Director of Procurement and Sourcing. “Many buyers have told us they didn’t realize just how competitive Frieda’s could be and that our quality really measures up.”

Red Ghost Chile

Frieda’s can also serve its customer partners up other Cinco de Mayo favorites such as jicama, tomatillos, key limes, seedless lemons, Soyrizo®, and dried peppers like ancho mulato and pasilla negro. 

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