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The Fruit Exporters Association of Chile Contributes to Fire Relief Efforts

The Fruit Exporters Association of Chile Contributes to Fire Relief Efforts

CHILE - Following the last few months of fires invading the country of Chile, the Fruit Exporters Association of Chile's (ASOEX) Board of Directors has announced it will donate three pesos per box exported during the 2015-16 season to the relief efforts, for an estimated total of U.S. $600,000

Ronald Brown, Chairman of the Board, Fruit Exporters Association of Chile

“Our industry saw a great need to reach out and support our fellow Chileans in the aftermath of the fires,” said Ronald Bown, Chairman of the Board for ASOEX. “Although much more is needed, we hope that our contribution will provide some assistance with relief efforts.”  

These relief efforts come in collaboration with the FUNDACION DESAFIO LEVANTEMOS CHILE, which will work with ASOEX to rebuild houses and support infrastructure (schools, police, firemen, etc.) in areas of greatest need following the fires. 

Satellite Images of Chile's fires as of January 25, 2017. Photo by NASA/Earth Observatory/MODIS

The regions noted by a press release that were the most affected by the fires include:  

  • Maule
  • Bío Bío
  • O’Higgins
  • Metropolitana
  • Araucanía
  • Valparaiso

In total, there has been a reported 600,000 hectares of impacted acreage. According to information provided by the National Forestry Corporation, of the 44 forest fires that had been active nationally, 38 are under control, 3 are still burning, and 3 have been extinguished. 

Though ASOEX reports that the impact to the fresh fruit industry was less than other sectors, the association did note that a fruit packing house in the town of Chepica was destroyed as a result of the fire.

ASOEX has opened an account specifically for fire relief donations. For more information on how to make a US Dollar donation, see below: 

Account in USD

  • Bank Account Number: 5100000158
  • SWFT Address: BSCHCLRM
  • Bank Address: BANDERA 140, SANTIAGO CHILE

Further questions can be directed to ASOEX Secretary General, Mr. Edmundo Araya at [email protected]

AndNowUKnow offers our condolences for all those affected as a result of the fires.  

Fruit Exporters Association of Chile

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