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Giumarra Companies CEO John Corsaro Discusses Half Your Plate Campaign

TORONTO, CA – Ours is an industry where consumer campaigns and promoting public health can go hand in hand, and with its participation in CPMA’s Half Your Plate program, Giumarra Companies is proudly promoting fresh produce while encouraging healthy eating habits.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Giumarra CEO John Corsaro about what makes the program so effective and unique.

John Corsaro, CEO, Giumarra Companies“It’s simple. It’s real. It works for your kids. Half your plate should be fruits and veg,” John explains, noting the sense the program makes in encouraging consumption of healthy produce items. “The Half Your Plate program, on our side, is to give consumers what they want—get our products up here on time with the right quality and the right nutrients.”

And John tells us the program allows the CEO and Giumarra to partner with CPMA’s mentorship program and work with up and coming produce professionals eager to enter the industry and grow the Half Your Plate program.

The Half Your Plate program encourages consumers to fill half their plate each meal with fruits and vegetables

“CPMA is really creative in giving us venues to help some of the young folks get a better understanding of our industry, and at the same time, we get to learn some of the things going on in their minds,” John says, noting that the importance of fostering these relationships cannot be overestimated. “It’s probably one of the most valuable things I get to do in this industry.”

For more on this fruitful relationship, watch the video above.

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