Giumarra Vineyards Hosts Successful Event for Annual ARRA Open Field Days

Giumarra Vineyards Hosts Successful Event for Annual ARRA Open Field Days

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Growers worldwide will not soon forget their experience at the ARRA Open Field Days this past week. International participants convened in Bakersfield, CA, as Giumarra Vineyards held their annual field days event from August 14-16, culminating in a final symposium on the 17th.

Mimi Corsaro-Dorsey, VP Marketing & Director of Export Sales, Giumarra Vineyards Corporation“The ARRA Open Field Day gives growers from around the world the opportunity to see, taste, and evaluate the ARRA varieties on the vine. It also provides a valuable forum for growers to network, compare techniques, and learn about updated protocols and growing technologies,” said Mimi Corsaro-Dorsey, the VP Marketing and Director of Export Sales at Giumarra Vineyards Corporation.  

Growers evaluating a commercial block of ARRA 30

Held at the GIUMARRA Experimental Vineyards, the event helped growers understand and license unique ARRA grape varieties, the most commercial being the ARRA 15, 27, 28, 29, and 32. Attendees visited tasting stations to judge the flavor, sweetness, and crunch of the fruit, and were able to evaluate the latest innovations from the company in both the field and cold storage facilities. The breeder, Mr. Shachar Karniel of ARD provided information on the different varieties, including production data and protocols. The sensory activities provided participants an in-depth experience to improve their understanding of the product.

ARRA 32 tasting station

Additionally, representatives from South America, South Africa, and Europe held sessions to discuss protocols for their individual regions, allowing attendees to walk away from the memorable event with insight on improved farming practices and marketing opportunities worldwide.

A grower inspecting the ARRA 29

Giumarra Vineyards is a major breeder of new patented table grape varieties, and one of the largest employers in Kern County, California. Its grape varieties are bred to create table grapes which are highly-productive, labor-free, have a long shelf-life, and provide unique taste experiences.

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