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Good Foods Group Announces Rebrand and Multiple New Strategies

Good Foods Group Announces Rebrand and Multiple New Strategies

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI - As we all flip our calendars to May, I am reminded of how fresh and new everything is in spring. For Good Foods Group, spring is the time to put its operational pieces into motion. The innovative trendsetter has been a busy bee as of late—rebranding its famous line, launching new strategies, and gearing up for more refreshes to come.

Maria Nakasone, Brand Manager, Good Foods GroupWe knew it was time for our beloved line of guacamole to have the premium packaging it deserves,” said Maria Nakasone, Brand Manager. “Shoppers will notice a purple lid on all our guacamole products—not only did research show participants resonated well with the earth-toned purple, but it will be easier for shoppers to locate our guacamole line on store shelves.”

The premium dip maker worked with a third-party agency to conduct focus groups and research to update its packaging to be more on-trend and cohesive with its plant-based dip line, Maria informed me.

When I asked if the other lines would receive some attention as well, I was assured Good Foods’ wave of innovation will continue; the company is currently working on a portfolio-wide refresh, starting with its Avocado Salsa and dairy dips.

Danyel O’Connor, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Good Foods Group“Not only do we want to utilize the research we found during our Guacamole rebrand, but we also want stronger brand cohesion amongst all our products with similar illustrative ingredients and color palettes,” commented Danyel O’Connor, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Along with all the other strides we’re making at Good Foods, we’re constantly working and innovating new flavors and options for our different product categories.”

Armed with these insights and a new rebrand, the guacamole line will launch in major retailers like Walmart and Target, with the latter also featuring its 16 oz Chunky Guacamole—Good Foods’ largest retail size of guacamole.

Good Foods has made multiple moves toward growth, rebranding its famous line, launching new strategies, and gearing up for more portfolio innovations

That stronger brand cohesion is flowing into its digital presence as well. To couple with the packaging rebrands, Good Foods also launched a new online format.

Mandy Bottomlee, Director of Content Marketing, Good Foods Group“We’re so excited about our new website and the way it features our products. Visitors will be able to easily see and learn more about our lines as well as find relevant recipe suggestions on each product page as we’ve fully integrated our blog,” Mandy Bottomlee, Director of Content Marketing, told me. “Our new product renderings, along with the recipe and lifestyle content, will better reflect the new brand personality we’ve created. We’ve also improved our navigation within the website and responsive design to be more user-friendly.”

A packaging refresh, a new website, and a reinvigorated spirit—spring is the season for monumental events to take place. Keep checking back to AndNowUKnow as we continue to report on the latest.

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