Good Foods Launches New Line of Salad Dressings

Good Foods Launches New Line of Salad Dressings

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI - The ANUK team’s excitement has only risen in fervor every time an industry leader sends a PR detailing a new produce variety our way. With PMA literally this week, we’ve been positively bouncing out of our orange chairs thanks to a slew of new variety announcements hitting our inbox. The latest new product announcement was from Good Foods, who revealed it will be unveiling a delicious way to dress up all those new varieties coming down the pipeline in the way of a clean ingredient salad dressing line!

Danyel O’Connor, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Good Foods“Good Foods is answering our consumer’s call for delicious dressings with the clean labels they crave,” said Danyel O’Connor, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We chose to elevate the most sought-after salad dressings with bright, fresh flavors by harnessing the power of cold pressure.”

According to a press release, Good Foods’ products use high pressure processing (HPP), which wields the power of water to keep the food and ingredients fresher for a longer period of time while also maximizing nutrition and eliminating harmful pathogens.

The new line of dressings will be on display at PMA Fresh Summit October 17-19 and available for retailers to purchase following the show

The line will include six gluten-free salad dressings, each containing fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs without any preservatives or additives. In fact, the ingredients list only includes easily recognizable items, like avocados and lemons, in order to offer a transparent label to consumers. The six plant-based flavors include: Harvest Apple, Asian Ginger, Avocado Goddess, Blue Cheese, Avocado Ranch, and Caesar—with the last three containing dairy.

To try the Blue Cheese and Avocado Goddess dressings for yourself, stop by booth #2319 at PMA Fresh Summit—with a few of its neighboring booths’ new produce varieties in tow to dress up, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down!

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