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GR Fresh's Tony Incaviglia Discusses Hot Peppers and More at Viva Fresh 2019

SAN ANTONIO, TX - It’s almost summer, which means most places—except weirdly enough California at the moment—are heating up. To make sure consumers are feeling this heat, GR Fresh is pushing some of its hottest commodities to the front of retail. We stopped to chat with Tony Incaviglia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at the Viva Fresh Expo to find out more about GR Fresh’s summer plans.

Tony Incaviglia, VP of Sales and Marketing, GR Fresh“We're getting a lot of interest in our hot peppers that we've been doing over the last…two years,” Tony told me, before disclosing a few additional hot varieties. “The varieties that are most popular are the jalapeños, number one. The poblano is actually a very popular item. We have to make sure the sizing is correct—that they're large enough—in preparation for cooking. People like to roast them, stuff them. Serranos, habaneros, anaheims, most of those items have been more of the popular ones.”

To better become a full-size shipper, GR Fresh is building a new warehouse that's slated to be open for business by the end of next year

Tony also noted that GR Fresh likes to customize its packs to retailers’ requests, which not only helps retailers out, but also ensures more consistent packs are offered in produce aisles.

In addition to its produce programs, GR Fresh is also focused on completing its new warehouse. Upon my request, Tony was more than happy to leave me with a few exciting details.

GR Fresh is receiving a lot of consumer interest in its hot peppers, with jalapeños ranking number one

“We've been designing and building our new warehouse. We're getting to a point where we need to be able to be a more full-service shipper. Having the new warehouse is going to allow us to bring product in, handle it much better, and get customers in and out much quicker,” Tony revealed. “We're very excited about that. We're hoping by the end of next year, we'll have our new home, and we look forward to taking care of our customers in a much better fashion.”

For more exciting details straight from the mouth of Tony Incaviglia, check out our exclusive video interview above.

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