GR Fresh Welcomes Raul Hernandez, General Manager of McAllen Operations, and Michael Lisitano, Sales and Business Development

GR Fresh Welcomes Raul Hernandez, General Manager of McAllen Operations, and Michael Lisitano, Sales and Business Development

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MCALLEN, TX - New additions are always welcome, especially in the fresh produce biz. For GR Fresh, these additions come in the form of new faces, both of whom boast years in the industry. Michael Lisitano, who is now a part of the Sales and Business Development team, and Raul Hernandez, General Manager of the McAllen Operations, took the time to share with me why they made the move to GR Fresh.

Michael Lisitano, Sales and Business Development, GR Fresh“I’ve been in Nogales, Arizona, for about 15 years, and I’ve been in produce all my life,” Michael begins, as we track his journey to GR Fresh. “I wanted to grow professionally and really stretch my wings. The team is authentic and the company culture fosters a real sense of unity. The attitude across teams is ‘we’re all in this together.’”

Lisitano brings to the team a wide berth of expertise, having worked as a Buyer for Unified Grocer, as well within sales teams for SunFed and Del Campo.

GR Fresh recently added Michael Lisitano to its Sales and Business Development team and Raul Hernandez, who will be General Manager of the McAllen Operations

“It takes a lot of hard work to build trust, and as we’re looking to expand more into the West Coast, these relationships really come into play,” Michael notes. “I’m up for the challenge and I have all the support in the world from GR Fresh.”

Raul Hernandez, now General Manager of the McAllen Operations, is another strategic addition to the GR Fresh team.

Raul Hernandez, General Manager, McAllen Operations, GR Fresh“I’ve lived in McAllen, Texas, all my life and having had immigrant parents who worked in fields in various places in the U.S., I was able to get a good feel for this industry. My father worked at a local distributor of various fresh fruits and vegetables, inspiring me to get into this field at a young age,” he shares.

Now, seven years later, Hernandez joins a team that he can continue to add to with what he has learned.

“I wanted to bring my expertise to GR Fresh, where growth, success, and appreciation are all factors in a team-oriented environment. Where one’s ideas are greatly considered and shared within the company,” he tells me.

GR Fresh's new team members round off a year of expansion, as most recently the company opened its new 100,000-square-foot facility in McAllen, Texas (pictured above)

The two new additions are just one facet of growth for the company. This year, GR Fresh has also physically expanded its presence in McAllen quite aggressively, opening a new 100,00 square-feet facility in the region. As one year closes, it seems many opportunities remain open for the months to come.

We here at AndNowUKnow look forward to the latest news from the team at GR Fresh, and extend our congratulations to both Michael and Raul!

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