GR Fresh's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tony Incaviglia, Discusses New Packaging and More

GR Fresh's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tony Incaviglia, Discusses New Packaging and More

MCALLEN, TX - The run-up to PMA Fresh Summit is always a whirlwind of activity and preparation. As you’re sitting down and figuring out which companies to see and what products to be on the hunt for, AndNowUKnow has taken the guesswork out of mapping the show floor. One such company we’ve pinned on our own mental PMA map is GR Fresh, the vertically-integrated company that brings some of the freshest tomatoes and bells to the biz. I spoke with Tony Incaviglia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, to learn more about what GR Fresh is bringing to Anaheim.

Tony Incaviglia, VP of Sales and Marketing, GR Fresh

“We’ll be showcasing our full line of tomatoes, from Roma tomatoes, grape tomatoes, vine-ripe tomatoes, to our full line of Mexican-grown veg, like our green bell peppers, red bell peppers, cucumbers, squashes, hot peppers, and eggplants,” Tony explained. “But on a broader scale we’re evolving our focus, developing true partnerships and relationships that include custom growing, and providing more value-added items to meet that rising demand in the market. We also have an opportunity to develop our Western veg program—there’s a lot of potential for Western veg out of this part of the country.” Expanding categories like iceberg lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, romaine, and red and green leaf, GR Fresh is looking to western veg to provide more value and consumer options under its brand name as it spreads to additional U.S. retailers and foodservice companies.

GR Fresh has updated the artwork and labeling on its value-added packs for retail

The most noticeable change does not come from the GR Fresh’s portfolio of products, but is in the company’s packaging, which underwent a total refresh.

“We’ve changed the artwork and labeling on our value-added packs for retail, which we’ll be introducing at the show,” he told me. “It’s really fresh and clean—has a great new look to it.”

GR Fresh will be showcasing its full line of tomatoes at PMA, including Roma tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and vine-ripe tomatoes

This ties into GR Fresh’s overarching company plans, as it has been redefining and reinventing itself to be an attractive choice on the retail level.

“In this country, we want to be a serious choice that retail and foodservice companies consider, when they’re choosing who to partner with. We’re striving to fill those supply gaps, and with our planned new warehouse—set to open next year—we’ll be in a position to provide an expanded level of service,” Tony noted.

To see the new packaging, learn more about GR Fresh’s fresh portfolio, and chat with the team, swing by booth #1553. AndNowUKnow will continue its dedication to reporting the latest and greatest in all Fresh Summit news.

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