Guan's Mushrooms' Vivianna Van Horst Discusses New Retail Line and More

LOS ANGELES, CA - I don’t mean to sound like a dietician, but if you’re not eating mushrooms, how are you fitting protein into your diet?! These days, the fungi category is all the rage as a meat alternative, and companies like Guan’s Mushrooms are leaning into that trend and finding new ways to keep consumer excitement up for this specialty category.

I chatted with Vivianna Van Horst, Business Development and Marketing Manager, to find out more about Guan’s Mushrooms’ new line of specialty mushrooms available at retail now.

Vivianna Van Horst, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Guan's Mushrooms“We’ve been in the foodservice industry for a long time and we have a full-service retail line that we’ve developed this year,” Vivianna told me. “We have a pasta blend, a barbecue blend, a stir-fry blend, and a protein blend. Each one has three different types of mushrooms, including shiitake, Portobella, cremini, yellow oyster, gray oyster, and more. We cover pretty much everything.”

Vivianna also explained that the package of each blend contains a recipe for consumers to try and that there are QR codes to guide consumers to Guan’s Mushrooms’ blog where they can find even more recipes and videos with chef Marie Reginato. The company’s overall goal with its blend line and its packaging is to get more on board with how healthy and delicious mushrooms are.

Guan's new mushroom blends come in pasta, barbecue, stir-fry, and protein varieties

“We really want to get the message out that mushrooms are something that are new and upcoming. 60 percent of Americans are turning to vegetables for an alternative source of protein and that’s what mushroom can really provide for you,” Vivianna said.

To learn more about Guan’s Mushrooms and its specialty mushroom line, check out our exclusive video above.

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