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Halloween 2021 Yearbook - Call for Photo Submissions

Halloween 2021 Yearbook - Call for Photo Submissions

SACRAMENTO, CA - If you wear a costume, and no one is around to see it, did you really wear a costume? We're hear to solve that condundrum, because we're calling out across the industry for your best Halloween fits!

If the office is decked out as superheroes, villians, or old fashioned monsters, we want to be the first to see! As a fan of the spooky season, I can't wait to commemorate the fresh biz's finest in our industry yearbook.

Pets even count! Whether it be your dog dressed as Thor, or your cat dressed as Loki—shoutout to my own cat's costume—we want to see the critters taking part in the holiday.

Send the team at AndNowUKnow a picture of your spooktacular Halloween costumes to be featured in our industry-wide yearbook!

When you submit your picture, please include names of everyone featured in the photo for the caption. If your costume is that good, we might not be able to tell who's who!

We will be accepting submissions through [email protected] until Tuesday morning. Boo-tiful, chilling, or just plain creepy, send us those pics!

Until then, stay weird, produce industry, and Happy Halloween!