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Hsian Kim with Highline Mushrooms Talks Rebranded Packaging

Hsian Kim with Highline Mushrooms Talks Rebranded Packaging

LEAMINGTON, ON - One of the world’s largest organic mushroom growers begins the year with a refreshed look that aims to capture the essence of hand-picked, organic goodness. Intriguing customers with a new rebranding strategy, Highline Mushrooms is bringing a fresh look to its line using tactful visuals on its new labels. And while labels are the first to get the rebranding treatment, soon-to-come are a website, new packaging, social media, and more.

Wrapped in a new look are Highline Mushrooms' products, with labels showcasing their assets. Specifically detailing whether they are conventional, with premium photography and crisp black trays—or organic, with an artistic woodsy illustration alongside nature-inspired brown trays; the labels recently hit the U.S. and will be entering Canadian supermarkets in the near future.

Highline's rebranded line of conventional mushrooms

Here to talk with me about the rebrand is Hsian Kim, Corporate Communications Manager, with some valuable insight into the gorgeous label ensemble the company’s products are newly donning.

Hsian Kim, Corporate Communications Manager, Highline Mushrooms“We streamlined both our conventional and organic products to give them more of a premium look," Hsian shares with me. "We wanted to move away from how mushrooms are typically seen on shelf and have categorized our products to better appeal to consumers.

Since 1961, the company has built a strong reputation with its partners, with its traditional logo along for the entirety of Highline's successful history. Consumers who are hooked on the goods can now feel a new sense of inspiration as they take home the rebranded items, and new mushroom lovers who reach for the items in the store, will find a refreshing look that both tempts and delivers.

Highline's line of organic mushrooms, rebranded

“Highline is always growing and continuously evolving, and with this we wanted the new look to evolve as well,” Hsian tells me, before expanding on the methodology behind the rebrand. “When you think of mushrooms, you think of natural and organic, and while our previous logo has served us well, we are excited to unveil the new look.”

With so much change on the horizon, I stop to ask Hsian for more details on what the company is doing to ensure sales maintain or increase.

“The goal is to lift sales and build momentum on the retail side. Our sales team has had conversations with our customers about the rebranded and any retailer that was at Fresh Summit received a sneak peek at our newly redesigned labels and packaging," Hsian shares, as she expands on the strategy currently underway. "We received a lot of positive feedback at the show and now they know what to expect. It’s now a matter of going all out this year.”

As we continue to take strides this year, keep your eyes peeled for the new, thoughtfully implemented logo Highline Mushrooms' products will be wearing, using new and innovative branding for the goods its customers know and love.

Highline Mushrooms

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