Hudson River Fruit Introduces New Pop-Up Bins to Boost Retail Sales

Hudson River Fruit Introduces New Pop-Up Bins to Boost Retail Sales

MILTON, NY - National Apple Month is fast-approaching, and Hudson River Fruit is looking to help retail partners harness those autumn dollars with visual storytelling to tap into consumers' demands for a local, family grown product.

Alisha Albinder, 4th generation Owner-Operator, tells me that the company is launching a new in-store pop-up bin that does just that.

Hudson River Fruit Pop-Up Bins

“Shoppers look for produce that has been locally grown and family farmed, and our new display bin shares our story by featuring large, high-resolution images of our farms in harvest, as well as, highlighting that it is grown on a family-owned orchard in New York,” Alisha shares.

The company knows all about keeping things local, Daniel Albinder, COO shares, explaining that much of what Hudson Rivers does aligns with the communities needs. The farm is located in a beautiful region of the mid-Hudson Valley, an area well known and well ingrained with agricultural history.

Daniel Albinder, C.O.O., Hudson River Fruit“With sustainability being such a key practice, we began taking wood from old trees that were being cleared and giving them to a local restaurant that uses a wood fire grill. Similarly, much of what could go to waste from the packing house goes to a local family-owned cider company, Minard Beverage,” Daniel says. “Wherever we see an opportunity to recycle, we look to be more sustainable.”

With much in the works, Alisha tells me to stay tuned as there is more to come from the family-owned business. Keep checking in with AndNowUKnow for all latest.

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