Instacart Shares 2024 Consumer Trend Forecast

Instacart Shares 2024 Consumer Trend Forecast

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Trends come and go, and in the process of doing so, they heavily influence the decisions made by shoppers in the grocery aisles. The latest insights helping buyers tap into multiple rising consumer crazes come straight from Instacart—and you can bet there are a host of opportunities opening up in the produce department.

One trend undoubtedly caught our eye, as Instacart reported that “a variety boost in produce choices is on the horizon.”

“With each new year, it’s common for most to express a desire to up their produce intake, but we’re moving past the obvious. We’re preparing to witness a shift where people are not just aiming to eat more produce but are actively embracing a diverse and colorful array of fruits and vegetables,” the company said in a recent release. ”Our survey found that among those who plan to make changes to improve their diet in the new year, 61 percent plan to do so by increasing their fresh produce intake.”

Analyzing rising trends for 2024, Instacart has predicted consumers will seek out a boost in variety options in the produce department (Photo credit: Instacart)

The grocery ally also reported that, over the past year, an assortment of unexpected fruits and veggies experienced cart share growth, including:

  • red dragonfruit (+201 percent growth)
  • yellow passionfruit (+201 percent)
  • mangosteen (+158 percent)
  • Mayan melons (+31 percent)
  • microgreens (+50 percent)
  • broccoli sprouts (+32 percent)
  • purple broccoli (+32 percent)
  • purple asparagus (+18 percent)

These significant boosts signal that many will take a flavorful and experimental journey towards more diverse produce in 2024.

Mushrooms will be another category taking the spotlight next year, as more consumers catch on to their health benefits.

Due to their health benefits, the grocery ally is also reporting a rise across several mushroom varieties (Photo credit: Instacart)

“From their possible link to immune-boosting properties and cognitive enhancement, mushrooms are emerging as a powerful ally in people’s well-being,” the release continued. “Over the last year, we’ve witnessed a mushroom surge, with carts containing fresh Lion’s Mane Mushroom growing by 589 percent, alongside fresh Hedgehog Mushrooms (+315 percent), Pink Oyster Mushrooms (+391 percent), Reishi Mushrooms (+293 percent), and even mushroom supplements (+42 percent). To further support this exciting trend, our survey found that 40 percent of Americans are aware that consuming fresh mushrooms and mushroom supplements, such as Lion’s Mane and Reishi, may support cognitive function, overall brain health, and improve immunity.”

To dig into Instacart’s full 2024 trend forecast, click here. And leave a tab open to ANUK as we continue to dive into the trends impacting retail!