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Jasmine Vineyards' Jon Zaninovich Explains Free-Pack Grapes Strategy

Jasmine Vineyards' Jon Zaninovich Explains Free-Pack Grapes Strategy

DELANO, CA - These days, it’s easy to get caught up in what the consumer wants—after all, the consumer is who we’re trying to satisfy, impress, and woo. But sometimes it’s about the retailers’ needs and how growers, shippers, and packers can help them meet consumer demand in fresh ways. Jasmine Vineyards has implemented a strategy to do exactly that, introducing free-pack grapes to retailers, brokers, and wholesalers throughout the table grape season.

In order to push free-pack grapes—large and medium-sized bunches that arrive in retailers’ container of choice: styrofoam, plastic, or cardboard bin—across all channels, Jasmine Vineyards has launched its “Let’s Get Naked!” campaign to bolster the presence of free-pack grapes Stateside and to meet the growing demand for sustainable environmental footprints. To find out more about this strategy that has long been popular with retailers worldwide and that is just now breaking into the U.S. market, I chatted with President Jon Zaninovich.

Jon Zaninovich, President, Jasmine Vineyards“Jasmine Vineyards decided to offer free-pack grapes for a couple of reasons,” Jon began to tell me. “Outside of the U.S., free-pack grapes are popular with retailers, allowing more choice when it comes to packaging and displaying grapes. Another reason is consumer demand: People want less packaging. Consumers are basing buying decisions on minimal to no packaging when it comes to produce. As a result, free-pack grapes offer a much-needed packaging option for retailers and consumers alike.”

For growers, the free-pack grapes also help to reduce packaging, a company’s environmental footprint, and staff time, while still ensuring the same level of food safety. And, as environmental concerns become a primary purchase driver, the Jasmine Vineyards team believes the popularity of free-pack grapes will only increase.

On the buyside, free-pack grapes offer retailers flexibility when it comes to boosting grape sales. Jon noted contests as a fun and effective way retailers can create attention-grabbing displays around key promotional events, like the 4th of July, Labor Day, Back to School, and Thanksgiving—all while merchandising free-pack grapes.

“One thing to note, though, for retailers is that since they are handling grape bunches directly, they are advised to follow stringent food handling procedures. Grapes are often an impulse purchase, so we always recommend placing them at eye level at store entrances,” Jon explained. “Loose-pack grapes have the same shelf life as our bagged grapes and follow the same general guidelines: 24 hours in unrefrigerated displays and 48 hours on refrigerated displays.”

Free-pack grapes offer a zero waste solution for retailers and consumers

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