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Kathryn Grandy and Mac Riggan Talk Chelan Fresh's Latest Healthy You in One Minute and Latest Promotions

Kathryn Grandy and Mac Riggan Talk Chelan Fresh's Latest Healthy You in One Minute and Latest Promotions

CHELAN, WA - Continuing with their goal of creating a healthier eating arena for busy, time-conscious consumers, the team at Chelan Fresh is building on its Healthy You in One Minute monthly video series. This latest episode from Chelan offers fantastic ideas about how to eat better at home and keep those New Year's resolutions for months to come.

Kathryn Grandy, Marketing Manager, Chelan Fresh

“Consumers will learn tips for stocking the fridge and how to grocery shop to ensure success in eating nutritious foods,” Kathryn Grandy, Marketing Manager, tells me. “We encourage consumers to keep fruit and vegetables front and center for the benefit of the shopper and the retailer. It is a win-win.” 

This most recent video details Chelan’s Rate My Fridge campaign that allows people to actually snap a photo of their own fridge layout and submit it to Nutritionist McKenzie Hall to get a personalized response with "yays" and "nays." McKenzie is one of Chelan Fresh’s valued RD partner and is working with the team to increase consumer engagement. With this new element to Healthy You in One Minute, it is as simple as posting a photo to Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest with the hashtag #RateMyFridge. 

Want to know more about McKenzie Hall? Check her out here.

Mac Riggan, Director of Marketing, Chelan Fresh

Mac Riggan, Director of Marketing tells me that currently, Chelan Fresh is in full swing with the company’s winter pears such as organic bosc and anjou. “In addition, apples remain strong as a whole.  Chelan Fresh recently completed shipments of  apples in FuelUpToPlay60 packaging and displays supporting this national NFL and National Dairy Council school program.”

As February 14th quickly approaches, Chelan also invites apple lovers to check out Chef Meg's awesome Valentine's Day recipes like Apple Sweetheart sandwiches and Apple and White Chocolate Fondue. 

Chelan Fresh

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