Keystone Fruit Marketing's Andrea Scroggs Discusses Sweet Onions, Upcoming Peach Season, and Summer Watermelons

Keystone Fruit Marketing's Andrea Scroggs Discusses Sweet Onions, Upcoming Peach Season, and Summer Watermelons

GREENCASTLE, PA - This year’s CPMA Convention and Trade Show in Montreal, Canada, brought together its fair share of heavy hitters from the North American produce world, but the show’s success may be counted sweetest by Keystone Fruit Marketing (and that is not to say they n’er succeed Dickinson fans); the company took to Quebec with “Life should be this sweet” messaging and showcased year-round sweet onions, its upcoming Georgia and South Carolina peach season, and the sweet promise of summer watermelons.

M. Andrea Scroggs, Sales & Manager, Keystone Fruit MarketingLife should be this sweet—all year round!” said M. Andrea Scroggs, Sales & Marketing Manager, explaining the company’s platform at CPMA “We want our current and potential Canadian customers to understand that we can provide them with their sweet onion needs every day of the year! We are here to not only provide them with excellent product throughout the seasons, but also to help them be a category expert for their company. We thrive on our relationships and partnerships with those we work with.”

Andrea told me that, because Keystone has partners throughout North America, the CPMA provides an indispensable chance for the company to connect with its current and potential customers. And, Andrea noted, the show provides a unique opportunity to build relationships with top of the line retail customers, customers who demand organic offerings, and through them, with consumers who increasing demand fresh produce throughout the calendar year.

Keystone showcased the campaign “Life should be this sweet” messaging and year-round sweet onions at this year's CPMA

“The Canadian marketplace provides us a unique opportunity to grow our business in an area that craves fresh fruit and vegetables year-round, ” Andrea added. “Keystone has been providing high quality fresh produce to our customers for over 40 years. We take pride in our products and deliver them with an unparalleled level of commitment to service. In an industry that is constantly changing, we adapt with it to continue giving our customers the standard of excellence they’re accustomed to receiving from Keystone.”

The company marked the occasion with a fresh new booth design as well, a design that proved to be the culmination, in many ways, of its transformative recent branding efforts.

Georgia and South Carolina peach season is coming up soon for Keystone Fruit Marketing“We have been focusing on our branding over the last few years and we feel that this new booth design highlights the hard work we’ve accomplished and the consistency we’ve strived to achieve,” Andrea added.

It’s hard not to be excited for Keystone, its dynamic branding efforts, and the promise of sweet treats throughout the year. For more on the sweeter side of produce, keep reading AndNowUKnow.

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