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Kyla Oberman Details California Giant Berry Farms' Happiness Harvested Philosophy

WATSONVILLE, CA - Having a passion for high quality is what California Giant Berry Farms is best known for, and it aims to share that passion with its industry partners. We recently heard from Kyla Oberman, Director of Marketing, on some of the secrets behind the berry grower’s successful program.

Kyla Oberman, Director of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms“California Giant claims its stake on quality. We have strong quality partnerships with our growers. We also have strong quality partnerships with our customers [and] our trade partners. We work with them on their sustainability program, so we are high-quality stewards of the land. We call that Happiness Harvested,” Kyla relayed.

As Kyla went on to explain, California Giant’s Happiness Harvested philosophy encapsulates the entire process of bringing high-quality berries to the grower’s shoppers.

California Giant Berry Farms works with its customers and trade partners on their sustainability programs to be high-quality stewards of the land, also known as Happiness Harvested

“It’s the passion our growers have. It’s the passion our business and company has. It’s the passion that our trade partners at retail and foodservice have about bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to our shoppers,” continued Kyla. “And ultimately, the best part of Happiness Harvested is when you get feedback from our shoppers that they enjoy their experience of eating California Giant berries.”

Ultimately, what California Giant aims to do is to help its partners give their shoppers the opportunity to purchase the berries that they choose. Hear more from Kyla in the exclusive video above.

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