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LGS Specialty Sales Announces New Tiny Tim's Mini Avocado

LGS Specialty Sales Announces New Tiny Tim's Mini Avocado

NEW ROCHELLE, NY – Citrus and avocado importer and distributor LGS Specialty Sales has announced a new addition to the company’s product line. LGS is launching mini avocados under the Tiny Tim’s label, available to retailers starting this month.

Luke Sears, President and Founder, LGS Specialty Sales

“As we continue to respond to trends in the marketplace, Tiny Tim’s mini avocados were a natural fit in our product line,” said Luke Sears, President and Founder. “We know that consumers are reaching for convenience items, so we’d like to provide a healthy option that fits their needs. Tiny Tim’s are an excellent on-the-go item for individuals who do not want to have to store the other half of their avocado.”

Avocado toast

LGS’ Tiny Tim’s avocados have the same creamy flavor profile of their larger cousins—Suavo Avocado brand Hass avocados—and their smaller, single-serving size helps reduce food waste. According to the company’s press release, Tiny Tim’s are sourced from the most ideal growing regions of Mexico to provide high-quality fruit to consumers looking to try trending avocado recipes year-round

“We take great pride in growing and sourcing the best tasting fruit and providing high-quality customer service to our consumers and trade partners. We are also proud to have an avocado program that continues to outpace category growth,” Sears added. “We hope to continue this legacy for many years to come!”

Avocado milkshakes

The new Tiny Tim’s line of mini avocados will be featured on LGS’ newly-designed website—featuring new branding unveiled at the 2017 PMA Fresh Summit last month. The site features descriptions of the individual product lines, growing regions, sustainability, and social information in addition to recipe inspiration, tips on storing the fruit, usage tips, and nutritional facts.

For additional information, interested parties can visit www.lgssales.com or follow the company via its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media platforms.

LGS Specialty Sales

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