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Limoneira Adds New Talent to Board of Directors

Limoneira Adds New Talent to Board of Directors

SANTA PAULA, CA - As the produce industry continues to have its sights set on the future, Limoneira Company is cementing its ongoing success in place with the announcement that it will be adding Jesus Loza and Amy Fukutomi to its Board of Directors.

Jesus Loza, Board of Directors, Limoneira“My experience, literally from the ground up, has been in agriculture, and I’m confident that I can provide guidance to Limoneira on startups and acquisitions, as well as operations,” said Loza. “The world is becoming increasingly complex, but I’m optimistic about the future.”

Coming full circle in his journey through fresh produce, Loza grew up on Limoneira’s main ranch with his family in the 1970s, and began his career working on the company’s lemon ranches.

Limoneira Company will be adding Jesus Loza and Amy Fukutomi to its Board of Directors

According to a press release, after finishing his education he worked at a variety of produce companies across the industry and has started several of his own companies. In 2004, Loza founded Freska Produce which has grown to be a leader in mango distribution across the United States.

Joining Loza on the Board of Directors is Amy Fukutomi.

Amy Fukutomi, Board of Directors, Limoneira (Photo credit: Business Wire)“I’m extremely excited and honored to have the unique opportunity to serve on our Board of Directors while continuing to work closely with our management team on compliance and special projects,” said Fukutomi. “Implicit in Limoneira’s philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance.”

Fukutomi comes from a position as Principal Partner of Oxnard Lemon Company, a Sunkist-affiliated packing house. Before that, she was a Sunkist Director and Director of the Ventura County Agricultural Association. During her time at Oxnard Lemon Company, Limoneira acquired the company and Fukutomi became Director of Compliance and Special Projects at Limoneria, a position that she currently holds.

Gordon Kimball, Chairman of the Board, Limoneira“We are thrilled to have these two very talented individuals join our board. Mr. Loza and Ms. Fukutomi are industry professionals with decades of experience in building successful businesses and both possess deep local knowledge,” Chairman of the Board, Gordon Kimball, stated.

With Jesus and Amy joining the Board of Directors at Limoneira, we wish them nothing but the best and look forward to seeing what future successes they bring to the company.


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