Lipman Uses Expanded R&D to Breed New Tomato Varieties

Lipman Uses Expanded R&D to Breed New Tomato Varieties

IMMOKALEE, FL – Lipman Produce is focused on developing new tasty breeds of tomato varieties. 

The company employs three breeders and eight veteran scientists with more than 124 years of combined experience in R&D and hybrid seed production.

Mark Barineau, Ph.D., Director of Breeding“At Lipman, we have the R&D process down to a science – but my favorite part remains tasting a delicious, juicy red tomato that my R&D team bred,” said Mark Barineau, Ph.D., Director of Breeding.  Barineau began the company’s R&D department in 2004 and has overseen the commercialization of over 30 tomato hybrids, according to a press release.

Over the past 10 years, Lipman has commercialized over 30 tomato varieties.  Crimson Queen and Ripe Bites are two of the most recent.  An advanced selection and testing process guarantees that every new hybrid is optimized for flavor, color, uniform shape and size.  The R&D department also focuses on nutritional value, prolonged shelf life and increased disease resistance.

To achieve the desired characteristics, the company grows all of its tomatoes outdoors as non-GMO hybrids that are planted in various climates and conditions to optimize fruit quality and nutrition, according to a press release.

The research team is located in Estero, Florida, and Lipman recently opened a lab in Manteca, California to enhance the West Coast product line.  Veteran farmers assist in the process with extensive trials that identify different varieties to be grown in specific regions using seasonal variables like rain, soils and heat.

“Before we’re ready to roll out a new variety, we invite our customers to tour our facilities and sample the ‘fruits’ of our labor,” Barineau added.  The company uses consumer feedback to make adjustments and deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

If you are at Fresh Summit, make sure to stop by Lipman’s booth #474 and learn more.

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