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LIV Organic Produce Welcomes David Barnes and Lorena Garcia to the Team

LIV Organic Produce Welcomes David Barnes and Lorena Garcia to the Team

OCEANSIDE, CA - LIV Organic Produce has a growth-driven strategy to never sit still for long, and to accomplish this evolution the team is consistently elevating its value by building a strong team to support its vision. This fall, the company is welcoming David Barnes to its Field Manager/Grower Relations team and Lorena Garcia to its passionate Sales team in an effort to further LIV Organic’s reach and capabilities.

David Barnes, Field Manager/Grower Relations, LIV Organic Produce“This position at LIV Organics is a perfect fit for me. A passion for agriculture, the correctness of organic growing, and the chance to help other farmers in some way is a job description I would write for myself,” David says.

In David’s new role, his main goal is to create relationships with the growers, where they align with him as more of a grower advocate. With thirty years of growing experience, David has the ability to see issues from the growers’ perspective and can represent them at the table within LIV Organic.

Organic citrus continues to be one of the key commodities driving growth for LIV Organic Produce

With such vision on the growing side, it is only complementary to evolve sales to market and drive category strength as well, which is where Lorena will help the company continue to compete and progress.

Lorena Garcia, Sales, LIV Organic Produce“I’m excited for the growth that is happening right now with LIV and the recent purchase of a new packing facility to boot. It’s exciting to work closely with the growers on the packing of all of our fruit,” Lorena says. “I think it’s important for our customers to know where our fruit is coming from and how it is getting packed. Growers want and need to know the connection as well.”

In Lorena’s new position with LIV Organic, she will focus on re-developing past relationships with growers and establishing new relationships within LIV’s network of growers and partners. Lorena brings 20-plus years of sales knowledge in the organic citrus industry to her new role, establishing relationships with customers and growers across the board.

From left to right: Brent Portell, Carrie Briones, Lorena Garcia, Valeria Cuenca, David Barnes, and Anthony Innocenti take a beat in their new state-of-the-art facility in Oceanside, California

Congrats to David and Lorena and the entire LIV Organic team on your continual leaps and bounds in the fresh produce industry!

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