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Maggie Bezart Hall Talks Avocados from Mexico's Cinco de Mayo Plans

DALLAS, TX - AndNowUKnow caught up with Maggie Bezart Hall, Vice President of Trade and Promotions for Avocados From Mexico, at Viva Fresh in Austin, Texas, where she gave us the secret to Cinco De Mayo.

“[Cinco De Mayo] is a time of celebration, and it’s not just for the 5th of May. It’s for the entire month of May, of getting people to have a fiesta for all of May,” she said.

Maggie also discusses her excitement over consumption levels for avocados and how these numbers have increased, as well as how this helps when it comes to talking about volume levels.

To hear everything Maggie has to say about this fiesta month and what Avocados From Mexico is cooking up, view the full 56 second video above.

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